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Literatura obcojęzyczna

produktów: 223

16 lighthouse road
nasza cena:

15,10 PLN

16 lighthouse road książka wydana w języku angielskim... [ pełny opis ]
28 wilderness
nasza cena:

8,90 PLN

28 wilderness KSIĄŻKA W JĘZYKU ANGIELSKIM ... [ pełny opis ]
nasza cena:

10,10 PLN

EGZEMPLARZ EKSPOZYCYJNY Książka w języku angielskim The opportunity of a lifetime awaits archaeologist Emma Fielding in the Berkshire foothills of Western Massachusetts: ... [ pełny opis ]
A Map of the World
nasza cena:

36,10 PLN

OPRAWA MIĘKKA. From the author of the widely acclaimed The Book of Ruth comes a harrowing, heartbreaking drama about a rural American family and a disastrous event that forever changes their lives. The Goodwins, Howard, Alice, and their little gi... [ pełny opis ]
A period of adjustment
nasza cena:

17,20 PLN

Książka w języku angielskim - William Caldicotts marriage is in ruins so he travels to France to look for his brother, James. When James is found dead, William inherits the lease to his house, giving him a fresh start to rebuild his life.... [ pełny opis ]
A pinch of snuff
nasza cena:

17,60 PLN

EGZEMPLARZ EKSPOZYCYJNY. A Dalziel and Pascoe Novel. Everyone knew about the kind of films they showed at the Calliope Club - once the Residents Association and the local Womens Group had given them some free publicity. But when Peter Pascoes den... [ pełny opis ]
A Place Called Wiregrass
nasza cena:

12,60 PLN

EGZEMPLARZ EKSPOZYCYJNY. Erma Lee is on the run. Running from an abusive husband. Running from a mother who doesn care. Never cared. Running from all that has held her down her entire life. She and her granddaughter, Cher, flee to the town of Wi... [ pełny opis ]
A soldiers christmas
nasza cena:

32,30 PLN

EGZEMPLARZ EKSPOZYCYJNY KSIĄŻKA W JĘZYKU ANGIELSKIM Seth Hardin is devoted to his career as a navy SEAL, but his ex-wife couldn handle the pressure of life with a military man. Now he fig... [ pełny opis ]
A Time to Dance
nasza cena:

23,50 PLN

EGZEMPLARZ EKSPOZYCYJNY. Bernard Mac Lavertys beautifully turned stories are full of humour, terse realism and moments of touching or shocking surprise. Nelson plays truant and sees something he wishes he hadn in the title story, A Time to Dance. I... [ pełny opis ]
Adopt a Dad
nasza cena:

8,80 PLN

EGZEMPLARZ EKSPOZYCYJNY. Książka w języku angielskim - She wanted more than a green card.... Michael Lord, gruff head of security at Maitland Maternity, had a hard time hanging on to secretaries. But even though he was difficult, he was also a man ... [ pełny opis ]
Adored - Tilly Bagshawe
nasza cena:

29,40 PLN

To the outside world, Siena McMahon has a fairytale life. Born into a great Hollywood dynasty - granddaughter of forties movie legend Duke McMahon, daughter of billionaire producer Pete McMahon - she is blessed with beauty, brains and wealth, a prove... [ pełny opis ]
nasza cena:

13,40 PLN

Książka obyczajowa w języku angielskim ... [ pełny opis ]
Almost Night
nasza cena:

13,10 PLN

EGZEMPLARZ EKSPOZYCYJNY. ALMOST NIGHT is certainly an entertaining read despite the disturbing subject matter. Although the mystery reveals itself early on for the reader, it remains suspenseful through the end. Furthermore, Prospero presents hersel... [ pełny opis ]
An April Shroud
nasza cena:

15,90 PLN

After seeing Inspector Pascoe off on his honeymoon with a few ill-chosen words, Superintendent Andy Dalziel soon runs into trouble and water on his own solitary holiday. Rescued by a bunch of somewhat cheerful mourners, he accompanies them back to th... [ pełny opis ]
At paradise gate
nasza cena:

21,80 PLN

EGZEMPLARZ EKSPOZYCYJNY KSIĄŻKA W JĘZYKU ANGIELSKIM In this brilliant novel, Pulitzer Prize-winning and bestselling author Jane Smiley delves into the domestic drama of the Robison family. While... [ pełny opis ]

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Bracia Aszkenazy
cena: 52,50 PLN

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